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Don‘t forget to order your wall calendars and planners soon for 2021! May take up to two weeks or more depending on materials to come in and to print, trim and assemble.

Contact me on message or email for custom photos/designs in planners, they make great gifts that are practical, or other custom projects too!

Hope to hear from you soon!

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I have a back to school sale going until September 6th, 2020 for planners, student 9 month undated and yearly ones! So stop in and check out whats available.

I also have spiral bound wide ruled notebooks coming in stock! they measure about 8x10.5" with 20lb paper (like regular copy paper thickness) that are customizable and personalized if wanted.

Lots of fun in the shop and hopefully more to come later. I will be working on the undated yearly planners designs more to add to the shop when I have the chance.

Have a nice day!

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Desktop wallpapers for a penny right now available in my shop currently from this month till the end of 2020!

Showing fantastic views and photos from the 2020 Wall calendar and planner.

Each month features a little month calendar in the upper left section of the photo.

I will be working on getting fun Undated Planner designs and 2021 Wall Calendar and Planner finished soon.

Don't forget the check the events page on my site for any upcoming vendor/farmer's markets and possible livestreams on Twitch.

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