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I'm passing on the savings of my new shop on to you with lower prices due to less fees to list and sell items in my new shop. :)

I will continue for now to have items listed in my Etsy shop until the end of August then the only items left will be Digital downloads for the remainder of the time I'm going to leave it open, I haven't decided when I will officially close my Etsy shop I may just leave it open with Digital items only.

I hope you enjoy seeing what I have worked on and continue to work on. I will have some new products coming up soon.

• New covers for planners

• Coloring book - Remember Inktober 2018? I'm bringing those doodles back for you to color!

• Dry erase monthly calendars.

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Orders will still be hand packaged and shipped out Mon.-Fri. Except for Holidays.

Silly question would you pay shipping or a item at “free shipping” but shipping hidden in cost of each item? that’s what Etsy wants it’s sellers to do to customers so you get higher priority listings when people search for items now.

I’m in the process of creating my own shop run on my business website and will be dropping my Etsy shop shortly after that is finished.

I will not price gouge you guys like that. I’m honest my prices are based on my materials and a little bit of time to assemble them.

I have the same prices on my online shop as I do in person. My online shop just has calculated shipping added to the items. Usually depending on weight and size it varies from $3.00 to $8.00 per item. But I don't want to charge that in my prices if you order three things and the shipping is cheaper to bundle them versus single order packaging. I also might be trying to get some flat rate shipping in on orders that are heavier so they don't cost as much to ship.

I am hoping by the end of August to have my new online shopping available and the Etsy shop will be closed.

~ Megan B.

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New cover in the shop!

Aside from making covers for planners, I am going to be starting to work on the 2020 planner designs. I will be making them in Big (8.5x11"), Classic (7x9.25"), Mini (4.5x7") and possibly a micro/keepsake (3x4") sizes. I'm thinking of ideas how to do the layouts. :)

I'm going to be trying to do at least a vendor show a month as well. Its fun chatting with those of you that do come to them. :)

I've also been putting together weekly videos of me making or designing items. so stop in my youtube channel and check them out.

Have a nice day!

~ Megan B.

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