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Currently I am postponing local pick-up until further notice as the state of Minnesota is in essential services only. Shipping directly to you is still available for the time being and I do have some items in stock (Coloring books, stickers, some sketchbooks, a few notebooks in various sizes, prints!)

Digital Items are in the shop for purchase, download, print at home is probably best recommendation for now until this virus passes or slows down.

I have been working on creating planner sets (Covers, folders and monthly tabs) of my current designs. Digital pdfs of the sets have all sizes available for covers (Big, Classic, Mini and Keepsake), Folders for Mini and Classic and Monthly tabs that work for Mini, Classic and Big planners.

I will be working on getting digital copies of the different notebook styles and sizes up as well.

All digital items are at reduced price because there isn't any materials being used on my end.

I hope your all having a nice day. Stay Sane! :)

And Thank you for anyone that still can purchase items in this time.

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Everything should be up to date in for products in my online shop. All products are released for now including digital copies of items until I come up with some more. :) Hope you enjoy!

It was fun making the lined notebooks I have quite a variety of designs in Keepsake (Tiny adorable), Mini, and classic sizes with 50, 100, and 150 page counts.

I'm going to be starting work on 2021 planners and wall calendars soon. Which once I have those finished and samples printed I will be switching out 2020s planners and wall calendar to those.

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