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Digital Copies and more products.

So I've added a few new items to the shop but they are digital downloads only. I have the basic no graphics letter size planner spreads from planners that are undated for Monthly and the various weekly two page spreads in one pdf document.

I also have a new weekly page made with all 30+ designs I've done for notebooks and planners available so you can pick and choose which page to print each week.

Also I have added a Address book with letter tabs down the side. as a new physical product available. I have been asked to do a password book but I will not due for everyones safety, because I don't want to put someone at risk of getting a hold of your passwords to different accounts. I suggest maybe using a notebook if you have to write them down somewhere.

I hope you enjoy this option for products and designs, I've been busy the last few weeks with custom orders and just personal art projects.

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