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Hello Autumn!

Welcome to fall time! Summer flew by this year and now its back to cooler temps and colorful atmosphere here.

I'm working on some new cover designs lately they can be done for notebooks, planners and more if wanted just let me know!

I will continue to be going to a few vendor shows on occasion throughout the year as normal. I will be posting them as I get confirmation of going in the events calendar and posting on social media when they come up.

My latest new design for covers has been ornate swear words. Its hard to see them at first but thats the whole fun part of it. I have made a black and white, gold tones with white or black backgrounds as well. and a few choice words you could say with them. If you want to order these designs let me know in the notes with color choices and colorful word choices! :)

I also have them made in standard 8x10 notebook size and coming soon to the order options a smaller size of Just shy of 4x6"

Hope you enjoy your day and see you later!

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