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New Logo and Slightly New look!

Thought I'd give my logo a facelift recently. So yay hope you like it.

Yay new logo!

I will be rolling out new designs with this logo. Older items will still have the previous logo and information on it.

I've been planning on redoing a few covers to look more artsy. The water color, floral and winter sets I have some different ideas in mind for them but they will still be in the shop for the time being.

I've been very busy with orders the last few weeks. So I hope everyone has some patients with me on any current or future orders as well. Theres only one of me :)

New discs for disc bound systems are coming in as well to the shop. They are a little bit smaller discs (I can still fit a full yearly planner in them), different colors available. I will still keep some Happy Planner discs available if I can. Some colors don't look to be coming back once they go out of stock.

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