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This shop is only for items shipped directly from me, such as planners, planner accessories (covers, folders, tabs), coloring books, stickers and Digital copies of such. For a wider selection of products, visit my Zazzle shop here where they sell prints, shirts, phone cases, mugs, tote bags, pillows and more! My coloring books are also offered through Amazon.com here.

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Big, Classic, Mini & Keepsake

Design Your Planner Today!

Selections - (Size : Disc/Binding Color : Corner Style)

Disc Color & Size Options: 1.25” Diameter
90’s Pink, BBQ Mustard, Black, Celestial Turquoise, Energetic Turquoise, Clear, Cool Gray, Deep Lake Blue, Strong Purple, Verdant Green, White, Gold, Rose Gold, Rainbow

Corner Options: Square, Rounded

Page Size Options: 
Big - 8.5x11” (Letter page) 11 discs
Classic - 7”x9.25” 9 discs
Mini - 7x4.5” 7 discs
Keepsake/Notes - 4”x3” 4 discs

Cover & Inside: Graphics Options, Something in stock or your own photos/Art

Depending on disc options may take up to two weeks for assembly of project.


Unicorn Scribbles sketchbook

Mini Size

Unicorn rainbow covered disc bound sketch book. 55 sheets in a mini disc system booklet. Assorted pastel type colored discs. Card stock 110lb blank paper inside. Measures 7”x4.5” text on front can be customized if wanted.


Swear Words & Insults Coloring Book

Regular and Travel Size

Adult Coloring book featuring swear words and other insults. 50 words back and front with illustrations and designs.


Alpha-Bet Creatures Coloring Book

Regular and Travel Size

Children's alphabet coloring book featuring animals starting with each letter of the alphabet. single sided print with Alphabet A-z.


9 Month Undated Letter Size Disc Planner

Big Size

Undated Student Style planner with 9 months worth of monthly glance and weekly glance views. Sheets for classes and extra curricular activity information.

Robot Sample shown using mini disc in Blue.

Dancer sample shown using mini disc in pink

Also available School Spirit (Your school logo and colors)

May take up to 2 weeks for materials and assembly.


Winter Bliss sticker pack

Peal and stick, not waterproof

Winter theme sticker pack four of each sticker shown on back of package. Winter bliss, hot cocoa cup, snowflakes, snowman, winter hat, winter mittens, winter scarf, holly berries, evergreen trees


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