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Traditional drawing of a blue flower with green leaves.
Flower doodle.

Welcome back or welcome if you're new. I have a few small updates and additions to the shop this last month.

I have revised two disc bound items in the shop to now be in coil bound as well. So Recipe book and Address book is available as coil bound set up now.

I also have created a Eggcellent coloring pad with little decorative eggs to color in.

I did finish the Autumn themed coloring pad as well.

Don't forget this summer to stop out a chat with me in the local area. at the Maker's Market.

Have a wonderful May and hope to hear from you soon!

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A small update this month.

This last month I finished up the spring time coloring pad, pocket planner, and summer fun coloring pad. All are available in my shop currently.

This month I’ll be working on the Fall/autumn themed coloring pad. And maybe some other little projects.

Come and check out the Makers Market in June, July, and August to come and look in person and enjoy the riverside entertainment and other local small businesses.

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Moon photograph with tiny bits of tree showing though.
Moon photograph with tiny bits of tree showing though.

Hello, welcome. February was busy in the behind the scenes for getting things done.

I started the Spring coloring pad and made belly bands for products in stock for upcoming shows.

I've also had to replace my printer this last month, the print head started jumping and not printing nice.

I've printed up a few items with different designs for notepads and college/wide ruled notebooks and pocket notebooks available now. Custom items are still available as well.

I'm dropping the graphic lined notebooks the remaining ones that are currently in stock are listed on in the shop as they sell out I will remove them.

I hope everyone is doing well, and I'll see you around.


Stop and talk with me this summer at the Maker's Markets

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