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Hello again! Been busy this fall with small projects.

Worked on some new Sketchbook Cover color combos and sizes. Did some sticker labels and few other projects.


I will be attending a vendor show in early November so stop by and say hi!


I have also invested in a new lens for my camera for local photography sessions.

Hope you all have a nice day.

Junes vendor display.

Thank you all who stopped by, visited and shopped at the makers market in June and July so far, can't wait to visit again in August! I'm still working on maybe doing a few more shows in the fall possibly before Christmas season comes up.

My office is a bit of a mess currently because a grid shelf system of mine failed but I'll be getting it back together later this month once a nice heavy duty shelf comes in! But I have been reorganizing my materials and other items as well so it will look better once finished.

New planner showing tabs even with cover top
New cover overhanging tabs at the top for tab protection.

Redesigned the way my planners are built for new ones. Covers will go up past the month tabs as a way to protect them from damage a little bit. I have also switched programs that I use recently, shouldn't effect old files much but may take a tiny bit longer to do jobs as I'm still learning how and where all my tools and options are.

I suppose back to school is fast approaching so let me know if you need student or teacher planners and personalized custom notebooks! I'd gladly help.

Enjoy your summer!


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I have made up a few thank you cards that will be seasonal/monthly designs on the back of either art or photographs. Kind of like a little collectable card.

I've been working the last few months on a new adult swearing/insults coloring book. I am over half way done with the drawing but still have to do layout and publishing. I'm hoping to have it ready before June's vendor booth.

Hope you all have a nice day and hope to see some of you in June at the next vendor booth that I'll be doing.

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