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I have made up a few thank you cards that will be seasonal/monthly designs on the back of either art or photographs. Kind of like a little collectable card.

I've been working the last few months on a new adult swearing/insults coloring book. I am over half way done with the drawing but still have to do layout and publishing. I'm hoping to have it ready before June's vendor booth.

Hope you all have a nice day and hope to see some of you in June at the next vendor booth that I'll be doing.

Newest products in the shop:

Upcoming vendor shows

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Just thought I would do a little update on some projects and products that are in the works recently.

I've made and revised some sticker packs and added a new sticker sheet option of sticker strips where it is a strip of design with different widths like washi tape but not on roll.

I'm thinking about adding some more sticker sheet designs soon as well. I have also decided to resize future sticker sheets printed out so the stickers themselves will fit in planners and not be gigantic and the sheets themselves will fit better in smaller notebooks/planners.

I've done some new fun hand painted sketchbook designs and been stocking up on some to finish soon.

Hope you are all doing well and I'll see you around later.


Upcoming events:

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I will be attending the Makers on the Minnesota Market on the first Thursday of each month in June 1, July 6 and August 3 from 5-8 p.m.

Come stop by and enjoy music, beverages and local shopping options!

Some new projects I've been working on lately.

Also will be adding more sticker strip sticker sheets of the older designs that I have done in sticker sheets or packs in the past.

Also have some new designs for hand painted sketchbooks. Make a note in the order for spider web and if you want a monogram on the front. or geode and I have other color options available for both designs sample color swatches are in the photo listing. samples shown spider web with silver glitter and full spectrum shift, and geode is Metallic black, plum and glitter purple.

Thank you all who stopped and shopped at the Winterfest vendor show February 4th.

See you later hopefully with more designs.

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