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New products, Vendor shows and more...

Hello February! Hope life is treating you well. This winter has been a weird one for weather here in Minnesota. Hope everyone is doing well!

Been working on new coloring pad designs. So far we've got a spooky season, winter season and a Valentines one! Stop in the shop to check them out, more to come in the future as well. I have Spring, Summer and Fall Themes that I will be working on as the year goes.

I've also added a fun little mysteryish type bundle for those who might want a few select items but not sure what designs you want. Depending on the products available it might change on what in the bundle but for now its a 1/2 page skinny notepad, pocket notebook, print, bookmark and a keychain. This is exclusive to my online shop only.

How did 2023 sales turn out?

Top 5 most Ordered:

  1. Mini Sketchbooks

  2. Swear Words & Insults Vol.2

  3. Custom Stickers

  4. Business Cards

  5. Advertisements

2023 Top Sellers by Gross Income:

  1. Custom Transfer Sheets Order Form

  2. Business Cards

  3. Gift Certificates

  4. Postcards

  5. Advertisements

I hope to see some of you this Saturday at the Winter Fest Vendor and Craft Show. Breakfast will be served as well!

Have a nice night and hope to see you around!


Upcoming vendor shows

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