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November/December Updates

Hello and goodbye to November! Oh my did this last month fly by and I kept pretty busy with orders. Thank you to all who have ordered!

I have come up with one new product lately that is the pocket notebook. a small portable simple notebook with about 24 pages stapled into a cardstock cover. It has a few designs so far but I'm sure I'll come up with more later plus custom available.

Don't forget to check out some of the digital downloads like the year at a glance page. Made in horizontal and vertical formats for printing or using as a wallpaper!

Some recent photos I've taken...

Santa Sleigh Fundraiser and vendor Show Set up.
Santa Sleigh Fundraiser and vendor Show Set up.

I have no current plans for any upcoming shows for the rest of 2023. So I'll maybe see you guys in person sometime in 2024 for new shows. and thank you for anyone that has visited and stopped to say hi this year!

Don't forget to order your 2024 planner!

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